Funding Opportunities

There are many opportunities for funding available local community play/sports projects. Please see some examples below:


Funding totalling £4 million is to be provided by the Scottish Government to improve play opportunities among five to 13 year-olds.

'Go Play', which will run over two years, will help improve facilities and services in areas where children have the least opportunities to develop through play. For example, through creative approaches to play using Scotland's natural environment and play workers working within the community.

Voluntary groups will be able to submit funding bids from mid-September, with support available for regional bodies, small grassroots community organisations and medium and large scale charities. Inspiring Scotland - the national charity which uses skills and money to improve the lives of Scotland's most vulnerable people - will manage the fund and work with these groups to increase their capacity for providing play opportunities.



£155 million England wide Children’s Play initiative.

The Big Lottery Fund’s £155 million England wide Children’s Play initiative aims to:

  1. create, improve and develop children and young people’s free local play spaces and opportunities throughout England, according to need
  2. support innovation and new ways of providing for children’s play
  3. create a support and development infrastructure to ensure local agencies have the resources and skills to achieve the first two aims
  4. promote the long-term strategic and sustainable provision for play as a free public service to children
  5. ensure that local authorities work with other local stakeholders to develop children’s play strategies and plans
  6. ensure that good, inclusive and accessible children’s play services and facilities are provided locally.


Lottery Funding is a joint website run by all Lottery funders in the UK.

This site allows you to search information on current funding programmes across the UK.


Play England is a five-year project to promote strategies for free play and to create a lasting support structure for play providers in England.

Play England's aim is for all children and young people in England to have regular access and opportunity for free, inclusive, local play provision and play space. Their objectives are to:

  1. promote local play strategies
  2. build partnerships for play
  3. research and demonstrate the benefits of play
  4. promote equality and diversity in play provision
  5. raise awareness and promote standards

Play England is supported by the Big Lottery Fund.


Awards for All is a Lottery grant scheme for local communities. There are different schemes for each of the four countries of the UK and they are funded by organisations such as the Arts Council, Big Lottery Fund, Heritage Lottery Fund, Sport England, etc.
Grants are awarded for sums between £300 and £10,000 for projects that promote education, the environment and health of the local community.


Community foundations are charitable trusts that support local community causes. Their role is to manage donor funds as well as make grants to charities and community groups, linking local donors with local needs. Created by and for local people they help donors express their long-term interest in an area and its needs. Community foundations have been active in the UK since the 1980s and a rapidly growing network of approximately 60 foundations is now established across the country. About 90% of the UK population has access to a community foundation.


The London Play website lists major funding sources and website links for the London area.


This website shows Sport England's national and community funding programmes and advises how to apply for funding.


Sportsmatch is a government funded scheme set up to help fund grass roots and community sports in England. They do this by matching new sponsorship money with Sportsmatch funding, on a pound for pound basis.

Applications to Sportsmatch for funding can be made from any not-for-profit organisation capable of delivering community sport.


The aim of the LTCS is to encourage and make people aware of the benefits of sustainable waste management practices, such as recycling and the re-use of waste and to work with communities that live in the close proximity to landfill sites in order to improve their social and physical environments.

The landfill tax credit scheme enables landfill site operators to donate up to 6.0 per cent of their landfill tax liability to environmental projects in return for a 90 per cent tax credit. A register of landfill operators is maintained by HM Revenue & Customs at To locate the list enter "List of Registered Landfill Site Operators" (including the speech marks) in the search box on their website.


ENTRUST is the regulator that oversees the activity of all Environmental Bodies (EBs) across the UK and give final approval of grants.


WREN - Waste Recycling Environmental Limited is an example of an Environmental Body distributing the Landfill Tax credits of Waste Recycling Group plc (WRG) to projects throughout WRG’s operating areas.

Project applications which demonstrate self help, viability, sustainability and offer benefits to large numbers of people receive priority for funding.


Biffaward is a multi-million pound environment fund managed by the Royal Society of Wildlife Trusts, which utilises landfill tax credits donated by Biffa Waste Services.
In less than nine years Biffaward has awarded £80 million to more than 1,000 environmental and community projects across the whole of the UK and this funding has enabled the creation and upgrading of numerous new children’s play areas.