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safagrass in playgroundEnvironmentally friendly, non-slip, impact absorbing safety and footway surfaces. Ideal for fitness/fun trails, playgrounds, cableways, most multi-function play frames, springers, swings and pathways.



Safagrass Product Sizes and Codes:

Fire Resistant Safagrass - 1.5m X 1m X 23mm Safagrass Mat (Blk)
SAF 2001 - 1.5m X 1m X 23mm Safagrass Mat (Blk)
SAF 2004 - 1m X 1m X 30mm Interlocking Safagrass Mat (Blk)
LAW 2001 - 0.91m x 0.91m x 12.5mm Interlocking Lawn Mat (Blk)
GS 2001 - 12m x 0.8m x 16mm Grass Saver (Blk)
GSM - 30m x 2m Rolls Ground Stabilising Mesh (Blk)
GPM - 20m x 2m Grass Protection Mesh (Blk)
All come with - 5 Years Guarantee


  1. Mark out the area to be covered by Safagrass.
  2. Safagrass can be laid directly onto existing grassed areas. The area should be filled in if uneven with topsoil and be compact.
  3. Sow grass over this area.
  4. (OPTIONAL) For soft (boggy) areas lay an open coarse membrane (Order ref: GSB). Leave about 150mm in from the outside edges.
  5. Now lay out the Safagrass mats over the area to be covered, cutting around any equipment or obstacles if necessary.
  6. Fasten edges together using cable ties and trim.
  7. Cut into the ground about 75mm deep along the outside edge of the perimeter area to be covered using a grass edge cutter or similar.
  8. Roll back the Safagrass mat and starting about 150mm in from the outside edge of the mats, use a spade and cut the top turf away in the direction of the 75mm deep cut finishing at the depth. This will leave a wedge shape channel. Continue around the perimeter of the laid mats.
  9. Roll the Safagrass mat back and down into the channel and if the surface is hard make a pilot hole prior to inserting pegs. Peg the edge through the small holes in the mat and into the ground. Use 3 pins per mat. You should now have a ramp edge all the away around. Now cover the ramped area with topsoil and seed. Bring the level back up to it’s original level and flatten into the existing ground.



Ensure 3 pins along perimeter length. Tools: 5 metre tape measure, stanley knife, rubber gloves, hammer, grass edge cutter, spade, cable ties, grass seed, rechargeable drill and 6mm drill bit.
Please check the suitability of this product prior to installation as the CFH figure will be affected by soil type, moisture and grass.