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mobi matt and girl in wheelchairWith the recently introduced DDA all companies or places of public access 'have had to make reasonable adjustments to the physical features of their premises to overcome physical barriers for disabled users' (, this is where Mobi -Mat can help you. Ultra-light, easy to set up and store, Mobi-Mat makes path of travel accessible for people walking barefoot and assisted by walkers or crutches and for vehicles including wheelchairs, strollers, bicycles, carts, motorcycles and automobiles (emergency and law enforcement). Resists UVs and temperatures -40° F to + 176° F . Comes with staples for securing pathway.

Available in various colours and widths, Mobi-Mat Blue and white striped colour makes your access path visible and inviting to users. White colour is also available.

Are sand, gravel, grass, snow or mud parking lots causing access problems for people that use wheelchairs, walkers, or strollers in your area ? With Mobi-Mat, Go where You want to go !

Controlled Access Through Dunes

MOBI-MAT RecPath protects fragile environments while contolling access from the parking areas to the shoreline, thus encouraging users to stay off sensitive vegetated areas. To compliment this, we have recently introduced Mobi-Fence, which helps to control drifting sand and stabilise sand dunes.

Environmentally Friendly Forest Trail

Removable, thus compliant with environmental regulations, MOBI-MAT RecPath prevents ground damage due to recurrent vehicles, pedestrian and bicycle traffic. Its permeable structure stabilizes the soil and its approximate ½ inch (10 mm) thickness creates a humid area at the surface of the ground, which helps any vegetation to grow. Its white color rapidly turns to sand-color and thus perfectly matches the landscape.

Temporary Pathways For Tournaments, Festivals, Display

MOBI-MAT RecPath is easily and rapidly installed without any special staff or equipment. During the low season, it can be retrieved and stored without any particular requirements.


  1. Preparation of the ground:
    Careful consideration and verification of the area prior to installing Mobi-Mat RecPath is recommended :
    • The site should be raked to clear debris and sharp objects to a relatively smooth surface (i.e. no deep footprints in soft sands).
    • Design gradients of paths to be as gentle as possible (consider use by child in manual wheelchair).
  2. Unroll Mobi-Mat on the site you want to equip:
    • Align Mobi-Mat RECPATH with the sidewalk or inclined plane edge.
    • If necessary, fold down the edge or bury the edge of the Mobi-Mat RECPATH
    • Secure the end of the Mobi-Mat RECPATH with at least 2 staples for the narrower path and 3 staples for the wider path.
  3. Stretch and fasten:
    Before each staple is placed, stretch the mat as much as possible along the path:
    • Manually: it is easier with two people.
    • With a mechanical help: for rolls longer than 82' (25 m), mechanical stretching using a backhoe, bobcat or a tractor is recommended.
  4. Fasten Mobi-Mat RECPATH using a staple every 15' in a staggered pattern


Mobi-Mat synthetic access matting provides an attractive, slip resistant and comfortable surface to the beach, lake, polling place, dirt parking lots, festivals. Mobi-Mat solves the difficulty and inaccessibility presented by gravel, grass, crushed stone or other natural surfaces with loose debris.

Currently used by Hastings, Brighton & Bournemouth Councils.