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climbing frameAt UAC our climbing frames are often mimicked, but never equaled.

Both our timber and our Aluminium climbing frames provide a variety of climbing challenges for active children. In addition, there is a multitude of activity add-ons and options, including monkey bars, ladders and fireman’s poles.

A climbing frame will transform your playground area into a great childrens adventure setting – but in a safe and controllable environment where children can use our strong, beautiful and well crafted climbing frames to have immeasurable fun for many years. Our Climbing Frames provide the child with so many opportunities and activities during playtime, allowing them to socialise with friends or to play on their own. The Climbing Frames also help develop a child's physical well being in numerous areas, such as improving their strength, mobility, balance and motor skills.

Browse here for some of our extensive range of climbing frames! The best Children's Climbing frames are always found at UAC Ltd.