case studies

Carmyllie Primary School, Angus

Our latest contract within the Angus Council area. The Head Teacher was keen to create an activity centre where numerous children could play and exercise while having regard to environmental concerns. We were able meet and exceed her requirements with a durable timber (oak, larch etc) Adventure Trail that was not pressure treated with soluble heavy metals (brass, chrome …or arsenic!) - so doesn’t need to be treated as chemical waste after its useful lifespan. All timber used had PEFC Certification, the world’s most significant certification for using environmentally friendly wood from controlled sources. After installation acouple of children were keen to have their thoughts known!

Carmyllie – Eco Trail

I like the Eco Trail because it is something else to do rather than just play tig or football. It is also very fun, safe and eco-friendly. Not only is the wood environmentally friendly, it keeps us happy and healthy. It has a wobbly bridge, a stepping rail, a tight-rope, parallel bars, a Carmyllie C and the stepping stones. I also think it is a great thing to put our money to because it is very popular.

Kirsty, P7

The best thing about the adventure trail is that you can play for ages and ages on it. My favourite part is the bit that you can hang upside down on and swing across it. I like the adventure trail because it is good for our health and it is very fun.

Rachael, P5