case studies

Auchinloch Primary School

In early 2004, Auchinloch Primary School approached us with a dilemma. They needed an environmentally friendly climbing frame, suitable for a wide age range, with sufficient play elements that several children could play on at the same time – and they need it fast! We were able to offer a great piece of equipment (The Indian Village) that has stood the test of time - in late 2006, the pupils gave us the following opinions on the Indian Village.

Its very fun – Jenna P1

I like playing on the pole – Ashley P2

I like the monkey bars – Lena P2

Its fun – Grant P7

Its fun to play on – Hannah P6

Monkey bars – Rhiannon P3

It’s fun and its OK and I like the pole – Emily and Erin P3

I think it’s amazing to play on – Jenna P3

I like the blue pole and the Bridge – Skye P1

I like the Indian Village a lot – Karis P2

The climbing frame of course – Michael P2

I like playing on the climbing frame – Rsa P6

(From Auchinloch Primary School)